Our Story


Both mixed media artists, Renée and Lauren have been friends for many years and were even roomates once upon a time in the great white north.  They have often felt like they were perhaps separated at birth.  Not because they look alike, more because they ARE alike.

“Friends by Heart, Sisters by Soul”

Although there is a great distance between them, the idea for BeYOUtiful Souls was born out of a mutual need to create a loving and supportive creative community where there are no boundaries (geographical or emotional) to the support and encouragement needed to not only help each other survive but strive.  They want to develop an environment where everyone can feel comfortable being an individual and help find, express or heal themselves through art.

“To know someone here or there with whom you can feel there is understanding in spite of distances or thought expressed – That can make this life a garden”

About your East and International area hostess:

ReneeBU-285x300Renée Savoie is a self-taught mixed media artist from Canada’s capital region.  She has been creative for as long as she can remember but once she discovered the world of mixed media she knew she had found her bliss.  A huge fan of all things vintage, she combines previously loved items with her love of texture, paper and paint to make things with depth and character.  Renee loves to experiment, constantly trying new products and techniques.  When this coffee addict is not travelling to teach or showcase her work she is hanging out at her country home with her husband Chris and three beautiful girls, who are a huge source of inspiration.  She hopes to inspire people all over to find and follow their bliss!!

You can head to the East tab here and the International tab here to find out more information on Renee’s current retreat.

About your West area hostess:

Lauren Cowles of The Art of Lauren Cowles has been doing art of any kind since she was 5. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up she would answer, an artist or a waitress. She has accomplished both. Her love of art lead her to Red Deer College where she received a diploma in Visual Arts in 2003. While there, she immersed herself in any art form she could, from ceramics to sculpture, painting to printmaking. After leaving school she wanted to combine all the techniques she learned into one ART. The first Mixed Media Collage piece she did was a 5ft by 8ft, 2 panel Butterfly. After that experiment she was in love. The freedom of layering, sculpting and painting on the canvas allowed Lauren to express and play as her soul wanted too.  Lauren is continually looking for new mediums, techniques and ways to incorporate her vision onto pretty much anything. Lauren wants her art to inspire, touch people’s soul and help others see they are just as important as that butterfly they see on a summer’s day, soaring freely and without judgment, but full of intention.

You can head to the West tab here to find out more information on Lauren’s current retreat.