Sacred Circle Dance for East Retreat

In honour of International Women’s Day Jen Boyes-Manseau will offer an introduction to Sacred Circle Dance on the Saturday morning of the retreat.  Absolutely no dance experience is required for this fun, delicious and accessible practice of embodied creativity.


“On International Women’s Day let’s explore and celebrate the feminine in ourselves and in the world.  We are strong and rooted and yet as supple and flexible as a willow branch bowing down to the river.

We are strong, powerful, serious and supportive as well as vulnerable, gentle, giddy and in need of support.  Together let’s weave a moving circle, and explore a range of simple dances — ancient and new — that help us in our journey to piece together an ancient knowing of what the feminine is, how we experience it in ourselves, and what it contributes to our world.”


At the root of all my work, as celebrant, educator, facilitator, doula, sacred arts practitioner and mother, is a strong desire to reinvent the role and purpose of the arts, and to explore its potential to encourage balance, healing and transformation.  Our technocratic, info loaded, capitalistic society holds certain assumptions -­‐   more and bigger is better, we know because we have studied it with our mind, read a scientific study on the topic or googled it, and the non-­‐artists of the world should leave creativity and artistic expression to the professional artists. For me, art and the practice of creativity is a way of life, a way to search for meaning and explore what it means to be human.  It is a cord in my instrument that I must pluck each day or wither.  Does this make me an artist?  Perhaps.  I would say that it makes me a human being creatively engaged in the art of living.

Andrea Warren to teach at East Retreat


I am super excited to introduce you to our guest instructor Andrea Warren.  She is a painter and mixed media artist based out of Ottawa, Ontario and is a Working Artist for Golden Artist Colours.

Andrea will be coming by on the Saturday afternoon of the art retreat to teach a photo transfer technique.  Using a variety of decorative papers and recycled materials- and of course, a wide variety of Golden paints, gels and molding pastes – delve into the intriguing world of collage and transfer and create your own self-portraits! Learn the simple and easy process of getting your photographs onto canvas and into your art journals by using the acrylic transfer technique, and rip, cut, layer, stain, pour, paste, and stencil your way into two finished mixed media pieces.