Post Op – Beyoutiful Souls East Retreat

Last weekend was our first ever East retreat held in little ole Aylmer, Quebec.  There were tons of things to do to prepare for this fun filled weekend but it was all worth it.  Gateau Neo even put some little butterflies on all the cupcakes.

Beyoutiful Souls East

The adorable Stephanie from New Leaf Wellness was first up on Friday night to give us a reminder to “BE HERE NOW” and how important loving ourselves is.

Beyoutiful Souls East0

After our talk it was time for some tea, treats and decoupage to get ready for our weekend of creating.

Here is Brittany looking for some awesome images.

Beyoutiful Souls East21

Saturday morning’s body movement class was orchestrated by Jen Boyes-Manseau (her website is in the works).  So great that I was able to capture her excitement to be sharing National Women’s Day with a group of creative women.

Beyoutiful Souls East1

She warmed everyone up through this sacred circle dance and I think everyone was a little apprehensive at first but ended up really enjoying it.  (Isn’t the old stage beautiful?)

Beyoutiful Souls East2

Leila and my daughter Milah hanging out after the dance having a chat with the group.

Beyoutiful Souls East3

Not sure who took this photo with my camera or that I even noticed it was taken but I decided to work on a painting I have had in progress for months trying to get past the ugly stage, haha.

Beyoutiful Souls East4

We also had the lovely and talented Andrea Warren come by on Saturday afternoon to give a little image transfer lesson and share some Golden goodies with us.

Beyoutiful Souls East5

Look at all the fun stuff on the table.

Beyoutiful Souls East20

Unfortunately Natalie couldn’t join us for the entire weekend as she has a baby at home but was able to come for this one class.

Beyoutiful Souls East6

Nat playing with some products.

Beyoutiful Souls East7

Making our leather bracelets as a keepsake for the weekend.

Beyoutiful Souls East8

I asked the girls to share their favourite pieces from the weekend and one of Brittany’s was her bracelet.

Beyoutiful Souls East9

Jen had two and one was the canvas she created in the image transfer class, so pretty!  She was also our resident masseuse for the weekend so I am sure everyone appreciated greatly.

 Beyoutiful Souls East11

Kathy with her cool tree of life.

Beyoutiful Souls East12

Eliza liked the way the front and back covers of her art journal turned out.

Beyoutiful Souls East13

Sarah’s first time doing mixed media and just took to it like moth to a flame.  She didn’t even want to stop to eat.  Check out how amazing her mermaid piece turned out.

Beyoutiful Souls East14

One of Jackie’s favourite’s ended up being one she hated earlier in the day.  So important to keep working past the ugly, haha.

Beyoutiful Souls East15

This was Brittany’s other favourite.  Amazing quote, I think I will be using that one for my next art journal page.

Beyoutiful Souls East16

This is what our spray table looked like part way through.  It was so pretty Sarah asked to take it home.  No doubt to use in her art.

Beyoutiful Souls East17

There were pretty cool paintings scattered throughout the entire venue but by far my favourite was the series of plump characters that were displayed in the dining room.

Beyoutiful Souls East18

Cameras were set on a timer so we could all get in (except for Milah and Leila who were off minding the store for me)  This photo kind of makes me sad as it signified the end of the retreat and back to reality.

Beyoutiful Souls East19

Who’s in for next weekend???  Haha, kidding.  I am, however, already planning for the fall retreat, probably October.  I am thinking more, cabin in the woods perhaps, so it feels even more like a vacation.  If I can find the right spot.

Thanks for an amazing time ladies!!  It was great getting to know you all that much more!