Speaker Found for East Retreat!

We are very pleased to announce that Renee has finally found a speaker for the East Retreats close to home. So close in fact that they are neighbours!  A mutual friend recently introduced them and they quickly discovered they had much more than their street name in common.



Natalie Fraser has been studying spirituality, culture, religion and mental health through many alternative avenues for over twenty years. She has often used the arts and nature as vehicles to explore and share healing in these areas with a very diverse range of people. Natalie has been trained in and offering acudestress with Dr. Brian Bailey as a rapid means of self discovery, release and self healing. She also does individual counselling and has spent ten years offering life skills, conflict resolution and effective communication skills to diverse groups. On her journey she has also become a yoga instructor, a wedding officiant, voice teacher (for Ottawa Bluesfest), drama teacher, actor, director and much more. The focus for her life journey is self discovery, healing, service and creating with the good of all, always present as she lives her life from love.


Natalie will be opening up the retreat on Thursday night with a Burning Ceremony:

“One of my favorite ceremonies is the Burning Ceremony. It’s a wonderful ritual that honors any intention to let go – in a concrete way. What are you ready to release? You may be ready to release an emotion, thought or belief about your situation. Write these down on the strips of paper. At the ceremony we will light a fire, share if we choose and then as the papers burn, imagine that you are being released and are now free. You will have a second opportunity to ask for something you want to manifest in your future. I will end the experience with song.” – Natalie Fraser