Recap of the 2018 Fall East Retreat

Our fall retreat in Luskville, Quebec was a huge success and I just wanted to do a little recap. We had a good mix of repeat retreaters and newbies (who just jumped right in!). We had gorgeous weather on the Friday with an amazing blue sky which I was extremely grateful for.

We started the day with making up a batch of kombucha then we headed to the studio to do some lino cutting with the sun streaming in.


One of Angelo’s delicious concoctions, a handmade veggie panzerotti and not to outdo himself but he had dough left over so whipped us up some beaver tail like pastries covered in cinnamon and sugar for dessert.




We also did a workshop using paper clay to create a creature inspired by our spirit animals. Here is Annie and her squirrel lady. She had a very 50s vibe going and the cutest pony tail.

Here is Kathy with her beautiful horse. Check out all those tiny rolls of clay she used for the mane.

Kathy took a picture of all of us at the table where we were joined by our chef Angelo (who is looking a little mountain man in this, haha)

Tanya McCormick was my guest instructor for this retreat and she was teaching wire weaving. Everyone got to make a copper wire pendant.

Amanda, Jen and Sarah are all concentrating pretty hard, probably so they didn’t poke themselves in the eye with their wire, haha.

On the left here is the elusive Steph, who I didn’t get many pictures of as she is also the massage therapist for the retreat. She tends to be a little busy but she likes to get a couple projects done as well as she also happens to be my cousin and creatively runs in our blood.

Some bonding always happens during the retreats and this was no exception, here are Sarah, Katie and Jen hanging out in the house.

I grew this pretty black oyster mushroom myself so Angelo incorporated it into the scrumptious cream of mushroom soup and it was honestly the best soup I have ever had.

On our last day Bermalva Porter of Ladysmith Yoga came and started the day off with some stretches and chair yoga as it was too cold to go outside. We then spent the rest of the day creating some mixed media canvases.

Here are Kathy, myself and Debbie saying goodbye which is always the most difficult part.

I am always so deeply humbled by how much these ladies open their hearts during these retreats and trust me with revitalizing their souls for a few days. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did and I can’t wait to see them all soon!!

Maybe in Mexico at the next retreat? If you are interested in coming to Tulum with us in the Spring, check out the information here.